Scary moments those. When my pet dog and I were trapped in an elevator and it chose to hurtle downwards!! 

We were close to the second floor when the elevator lurched and rushed downwards. Must have been a second. May be less. And then it stalled. Shut tight, it’s doors stood defiantly refusing to respond to my silent pleas of relenting. My claustrophobic trait popped up and my urge to force open the stubborn doors triggered the panic mode. 

All this in a matter of seconds 😱 , on a Sunday afternoon, when an unscheduled power cut was taking place.  We were rescued when my fingers traced and pressed the panic alarm. In no time at all. 

Horrifying. Scary and alarming moments of anxiety! πŸ˜₯Those interminable seconds were the most terrifying ones I have experienced in quite some time.

Have a horrifying experience to share?  Please do so here. Writing about mine has helped me come out of it.πŸ˜€


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