Writer's Bureau Student Badge.
HAPPY! Student again

Isn’t it wonderful if your work is acknowledged and appreciated? Have recently gone through both.  Am on a high! A feel good trip. Who better to share it with than my supportive, appreciative readers? 🙂 Happy to be a student again!

Feeling good about my writing course. After shoving it into an inaccessible section of my life’s storage for over  a year, I returned to it a month ago. Wouldn’t say it was easy; felt a total disconnect and took a while to get back into the student zone. But happy to be back there. Like a good student, floundered and fumbled for a while and then stumbled over my inhibitions to mail it to my tutor at Writers Bureau! And what did he have to say? Go ahead. ‘happy to be a student again’ Was stumped. Couldn’t believe it! Had accomplished the hitherto underachieved- the best grade there is “A”. In the first year of enrollment I went on enthusiastically, diligently assignment after assignment with a dogged purpose!  Alas! My yearning, searching and seeking eyes would see a mere ‘C’!! At times my  flagging being was motivated by a ‘B’ but grade ‘A’. Never.

It’s reassured me that there is within me, dormant perhaps, a tiny writer that is gradually blossoming. Encouragement, kindness work wonders! With the go-ahead of my tutor, I am back on track. On to the next one, working feverishly. Hopeful he would say ‘Aye’ again.

Accomplishments are good!

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