Image Source:  Aaron Mello ,Unsplash

The most unexpected, came my way.  A pleasant surprise, soothing, on a really warm afternoon. Isn’t it amazing when the unforeseen happens? It springs astonishment in it’s suddenness and swiftness; goes on to add cheer and sparkle to life! That’s how I felt on Friday afternoon.

On our way back from a pilgrimage; my husband and I stopped at a food hub for refreshments and to stretch our legs. Much as he loves driving we prefer to take breaks after a few continual hours of driving. Seated next to our table was a family of three. The little boy caught my eye, oblivious of the indecisive conversation of his parents, he was jumping up and down in glee. Clapping his hands, his perkiness at it’s peak! To encourage his enthusiasm, I waved to him and gently called out a hello, which he must have lip-read. All smiles, the little fella went shy and snuggled to his mum.

The incident walked me down memory lane reminding me of our mirror-image family of three and what our son did when he was about the same age as this bundle of energy.  Done with refreshments, I got up and waved to the once again active boy. He gestured to me to stop. Curious, I walked towards him and began talking but I realised we did not connect at the level of language. No matter, I asked if he would like to join us. Happily, he extended his tiny hand and placed it in mine. My face lit, the fatigue oozed out. And then the unanticipated struck! A flying kiss came rushing in the air towards me and some more. It was a flood.

Gosh! Not easy to describe what I felt at the moment. Time froze, and my overpowering emotions rushed to my eyes. Through blurry eyes, I saw a tiny hand reach tiny kissing lips and then a wave. A little slow to respond, I demurely waved back to him, bid him goodbye and blew my own flying kiss.

Brief meeting, chance encounter but unconditional, unanticipated pure love came my way. It added to peace and joy that the pilgrimage had given. Felt more blessed.

How wonderful to allow stuff to happen, to come our way of its own, isn’t it?

The joy of the unforeseen: Inexpressible!

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