Does strength rest in strong words? Do strongly worded statements make you stand out or do they make you stand aloof?

Quite often we hear strong words being traded in public places. On the streets, incessant honking, swear words and exchange of staccato unpleasantness is indicative of the intolerant times. Everybody is in a rush and everybody is getting in everybody’s way! Gosh what a palaver. Avoidable if each party wears the ‘cool cap’! It would save time, energy and ensure a smooth sail.

Difference of opinion is good. It’s progressive. Signs of an advancing, thinking society. What is not that great is imposing that opinion on others and seemingly declaring, ‘my opinion is the only way forward.’ Accept it or face the consequences. And what about the view of the person being bulldozed into accepting yours?

In the hurry- scurry of the current times, a quality that stands compromised is politeness, a trait that seems to have seen the exit door long back is propriety. Rude qualifies as strength. It shows superiority. It dabbles with power. But with rudeness comes unpleasantness, aggression and discomfort. Accompaniments that one could happily do without! The race, that’s set a pace has brought into our lives a sudden, sharp swerving curve! To relish that thrill, lets go easy on our language skills. Let’s use words that stir hearts not lashing tongues.

Rudeness qualifies for a weak mind, that lacks the strength to exercise control and restraint, qualities of a well-bred. Rude is repulsive

Rude= ill-bred, discourteous, disagreeable & ill-mannered.

Rude ≠ Power , strength.

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Listen to the ‘rude song’ that went viral in 2014 here.



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