Image Source:Nurpalah Dee, Unsplash

It’s boxing Day and time to excitedly unwrap the secret contents of every gift, beautifully wrapped in love. Open each one gingerly, for you never know which box contains the gift of innocence wrapped in bountiful joyous giving. Pretty much like the unexpected gifts I myself received. Wonderful gifts, to be cherished forever!

Can’t wait to tell you about these two most lovable gifts which though distanced by time, touched the very core of my heart.

Gift one came to me a while ago and I did share it with you! If you missed reading about the unexpected kisses I received, do read here. Please don’t ignore this first gift for it is bound to melt your heart, you might go as gaga about this sudden, surprising present as I did.

And gift two? I received it more recently, but once again when I least anticipated a gift would come my way. A usual day, a routine evening led to the most improbable. On one of my daily evening walks, I heard a vibrant voice call out behind me, “Hi. Aunty.” Since we have recently moved to a new house and I know no one in the vicinity, my fraction second pause, I felt was in vain. I didn’t bother to turn around and continued to walk onwards till I heard it again, this time more persistent, “Hi Aunty.” The voice had followed me onward. I turned around to see a sprightly little girl, full of punk, come skipping after me.

“Was that ‘hi’ for me?” I asked with a smile that must have my face.

Pat came the answer, “Yes.”

“Where are you going aunty?” another question came hurtling my way.

“Me? Just on a walk.”

“I’ll walk with you,” she said. “Can I come along?” ( Could’ve felt bad about my lonely status).

“Sure, only if your mother allows you to. Where is she?” my turn to ask questions.

“She is inside and should be out any minute.”

“Okay. So, let’s wait for her to come,” I responded as a logical thinking elder.

While we were talking, I decided to slowly walk her back towards the gate of the only building close by. More questions came my way and I answered each one to satisfy the bubbling curiosity.

I was amazed to learn that the girl, all of six years was so fluent in expression in a language which is native to neither of us. Lucid thoughts, hers. A student of Kindergarten, she knew what she wanted. As soon as her mum arrived she began apologising for her daughter’s over-friendly demeanour, but I would hear none of it.  I appreciated her language skills and schooling but met the demand of the times by cautioning against the ‘stranger’ word!

When it was time to say bye, and move to our separate destinations, the spunky girls face fell. “Can’t you come with us to the park?” she asked

I had to quickly think of something without hurting either the mum or daughter.

“Umm, you know what. We’ll meet again.  And I must buy some stuff for the dinner I need to cook.” was the best I could do.

I wasn’t quite prepared for her next one. “When?”

“Soon, during one of my walks,” I reassured.

Instantly, the smile returned to her face when she was reassured that we will bump into each other sometime during my evening walk.

Is she waiting for me? Really, not sure. Haven’t bumped into her for I take the same path every day. For all I know she may have forgotten this episode and moved on to other things as most children do. But she sure did make my evening and several evenings thereafter. I smile as I share this with you and I wonder what if our world was still encased in the pure bliss of Innocence away from experience that have hues of green or blue!

Two incidents! Simple yet wealthy in their innocent giving, rich joy for me!

For you this Christmas song 👇🏼


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