Image: Ron Smith, Unsplash

Inspirations from daily life.

The spark that ignites a fire is miniscule in size but gigantic in significance. Without it the fire wouldn’t exist, let alone rage. Likewise, daily life and living inspires. Those who haven’t made it to the headlines or created a roar in the public eye, inspire in their small yet mighty significant way. It’s a matter of attitude and approach. When what seems ordinary kindles a spark, it goes beyond the ordinary.

What am I referring to?

An elderly gentleman whom I closely observed from a distance every evening and occasionally the mornings that I ventured out. I saw him cover long distances, slowly, at a snail’s-pace but steadily, each day without fail. If it rained, he waited for it to subside and out he would be on streets that display heavy, racing vehicles. His indomitable spirit was least intimidated by the roaring engines, screech of brakes or rude honking. He waited patiently for the frenzy to pass by and would cut across the street, his will and pride holding him steady during his walk. What was so unusual in this? Just one aspect! He used the square walker and sported a pronounced limp, perhaps on account of a bone fracture. For six months or more he walked thus to the newspaper vendor, a good km away to pick his daily paper in the morning and was seen back donning his spirits in the evening as well. This time to sit on the park bench for a daily rendezvous with his friends.

Each day I watched him with admiration which grew further, when one day I saw him upgrade to a walking stick. The supportive yet inhibiting walker had been replaced by a more dignified helper! His persistence had paid off and he was walking better, firmer and more confident than earlier. One evening our paths crossed and I took courage to speak to him. I mentioned how I feel inspired by his spirit to go on and have noticed the change in his walking device. He readily shared his age and when I learnt he is 85, my amazement hit the roof. I had speculated he would be a decade less. He simply smiled and continued onwards towards his waiting friends waving to them with his now free hand.

Occurrence 1 had lifted my spirits and enthused me. Occurrence 2 suggested: Inspirations exist all around us. Live well. Inspire and be inspired.

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