Image: Andrew Ridley , Unsplash


Occurrence 1 –an overwhelming chance meeting & Occurrence 2 – daily inspiration!

For the final one do read here 👇🏼

Quick response and redress 🙂

The last in the series of incidents, this one deals with grievances with an MNC product and how it was managed. From the company end! In a consumer-centric world, consumer is king and mostly things work in her favour. Right? Incorrect. Have faced concerns with an online MNC and chosen to step out of their zone. Why? Happier that way!

But the current one was different. A phone call and mail were responded to not only promptly but most courteously, on the same day. Accompanied by a ton of apologies and reassurance that did not turn out to be false promises. In two days- time the sales rep, was at my door after connecting via a phone call, with the goods in question. No needless form-filling, answering queries and back and forth calls and more. The fact that the company accepted my word and took corrective steps speaks volumes about their approach. They adopted a single, simple aspect- TRUST.

The human touch does exist and surfaces when it is allowed to!

The experience stirred several ‘What if’s’ in my mind.

What if we make Trust an inherent part of our lives and living?

What if we choose to remain polite, despite trying folks and circumstances?

What if we revived the human touch in all we do and say?

What if we re-awakened that gentle, slothful aspect thats fading into oblivion- the humanitarian?


The answers are with each of us.

To appease your curiosity. The company that acted in good will- Nestle India. The one that didn’t-eBay India! I’d rather stick around the first. Why? Because it gave me what I wished? Nope. It has a traditional nest in it which we all love to seek shelter in.


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