Image: Stijn Swinnen , Unsplash

Life should be Big not long, said the budding soldier who died on Sunday, valiantly defending the frontiers. Just twenty-two, six days short of his twenty-third, the young boy lived for his country and gave up his life to keep it safe.

His youthful life has been cut short but he lived large, no, gigantic.  His blossoming career has ended. In his leaving he has dwarfed all of us with his words and deed. He has made a statement, a mark and in doing so, stirred many hearts and minds.

This young adult did not die, he never can, he will live through his “BIG” life, extinguished by opponent bullets.

In all humility, I say- You have added years to my life, our lives, made it long, it is up to me and us to make it BIG, just the way you have, young martyr!


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