sometimes I wonder…..

if love is called an emotion sublime

why does it offer resistance infinite?

love for the unusual, unique ideas

stirs wrath, passion unrefined

leading to aggression, rioting minds?

loving a woman/man of a different caste

brands you in iron, a rebellious outcast!

love for another city or country

defames you as less patriot, brings infamy!

and a kind, caring nature, what of that

makes you the laughing stock, underdog

If sublime, shouldn’t love flourish?

a lamb, which would with gay abandon gambol

no curbs or boundaries or restraining ever

could curtail or inhibit love that is pure

Sometimes I wonder

if my thoughts needlessly wander

in a world so caught up in it’s fancy and splendour

That it has long forgotten a fact prime

That the world is but a single entity

how came it to harbour much enmity?

Sometimes I wonder 1

Sometimes I wonder 2

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