Through the half a century plus one year of earthly sojourn, have come across tonnes of folks and each seems different from the other. Some go out of their way to help, whilst others would rather see you out of the way and yet others may chance upon you, by the way!!

Here’s presenting some of these different folks we meet.


1 The very helpful ones: These are guys who make your life easier than you want it to be. They help you with anything you may not need help with, going beyond their area of expertise and requirements. Lost your way? They will not only tell you the directions but make sure you arrive safely!


2 Then there are those who are the ultimate decision makers. Quick on their feet and quicker in their heads, they seem to decide all that they think, is right for you!! How in the blazes do they know that? Considering I am still figuring out what’s right for me and haven’t arrived at the answer in all these years though I have greyed more than I had anticipated. So, what do they do? They visit, do things the way they like and impress upon the host that there can possibly be no other way. Amen! Wish I could say that to their sudden unexpected arrivals!

Straight faced

3 And how can I ignore the dour, matter-of fact kinds! The ones who are strait-jacketed, straight faced, call a spade a spade a spade and dare you move your lips otherwise. You are in for trouble mister. No fooling around with these ones. These are the no nonsense kinds.  It’s the linear path for them.


4 Haven’t you come across the extremely sugary types? They are the candy floss in your life. All fluff and air! The ones who, if they are around, help your black coffee take the taste that you so abhor-sugary! Everything around and about them dribbles of sweetness and every word they utter is syrup, just drip. And you? Diabetic by the experience or speculating whether so much goodness could have been packed in an individual loom skyward, pointing an accusatory finger of sheer neglect! Is all that sugar for real? Or is it fake, oozing saccharinity! Well bless them for the world would be poorer but for their syrupiness.


5 And finally (there are loads more, but this one’s the last for this post) are the kinds who are pretty much my kind. And what kind am I you may ask? Well quite like No.1, and a mix of some other. We like to make people feel so comfortable that they squirm with discomfort. Need to get something from the store? We are there! Can’t get the butt off the chair to get stuff from around the house. Puff! It appears magically. Need help with shopping, homework, planning stuff, wouldn’t want to do a thing? Well count on me err us. Just sit back and enjoy the servile fend for you. Without so much as moving a little finger. But that’s not the end! Be prepared to be called inconsiderate and heartless, with no feelings whatsoever for a tired, slaving person.  Servile encounters of the serving minions! Want to evade the backlash? Get up, do something! Become No. 1.

For the rest, there’s always another time.


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