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Women’s day today! 👩A barrage of messages clog Whats App. GIF, audio clips, video clips that flaunt women on the pretext of celebrating them; promotions that allow women to shop all their dream products and advertisements that proclaim the QUEENS rule! But don’t they do so everyday? 😊 In little matters and big?

So why the brouhaha?- that ensures Companies via their advertisers, marketing guys and salesman laugh all the way to the bank!

And only a single day? Of 365 1/4 days in a year! Pretty poor dole out. It’s like pulling a dollar from a million plus robbed from a bank. Give as a reward for presence during a heist!

Everyday is women’s day! 💃

And everyday is men’s day, children’s day, lovers day, teachers day…… what have you! Coz everyday is important in this journey of life. And we need to celebrate each day, every moment. Never know what awaits at the next turn.

Shove aside the naysayers, the ones who love to trounce you, enjoy pulling you down, jostle your way around them and rev the engine of your spirits. Go full steam into every day.

8th March by itself? Nope. Everyday is for us! 💯

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