Image Source: Andrew DesLauriersย onย Unsplash

Loneliness and isolation my companions each day

Stepped into my life and are here to stay.

Be grateful they say for our eternal presence

Folks come and go, we remain your soul-mates

Just look around and you will stop moping

Those far or near, are in the same situation

Laptops and phones, gadgets and gizmo

They call them friends, human company ignore

on social network they love to meet ‘n socialise

the 3 am friends, whatโ€™s that? They look surprised

“Of course, weโ€™re social,” they make tall claims

“What if we stare into screens night and day?

We look at photos and admire insta posts

They make us laugh, they make us pose”

Such is their sorry plight, we dare say

Unaware of their loneliness, happily type away

you’re better off, trust us, stay by our side

We’re there for you always, else at odds your stakes

Stay grateful for our kind and benevolent company,

You have two of us, while others lack even a single.

I listen in silence, accepting their dictum with grace

Embracing my newfound friends in a warm embrace

I let them in, say ‘thank you’, my pretty smile erase.







  1. Bindhu, wow…. beaytiful… How come the same two are our companions? Are we that alike that even partners are same? We sure must be ‘partners in crime’.!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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