i have recently discovered the rhythm of my life

In my humdrum existence, i gently dawdle about

Writing, creating, managing my segregated space

Quit my job, so i slacken the pace

life goes on peacefully, in joyous contentment

Till storms appear and are there to torment

Twirling, twisting and thrashing me in their strong hold

i struggle to break free from manipulating fold

A few times i do well and manage to succeed (break free)

Keeping folks at bay, who recurrently do this to me

They romp into my life at their own sweet will

plundering, trampling my thoughts with vicious deeds

Unfortunately these are ones whom i can’t really escape

They hurt me at will, not a twitch on their face

Sometimes i wonder, if to cause intentional harm

Is their favourite pastime, their lucky charm

Fighting back I respond- O why the hell should i

let insignificant ones disturb my rhythm, upset pace.

With tender loving care, I have built this sacred space


Being kind to myself ought to be my primary goal.

Let them do what they do best, while i  choose to ignore

Destiny and time shall each of our fates define

While  they do their venomous best, I do mine.

So thinking I pick a pen and my jotting pad

Select creative ink on paper over making wicked ploys! 🙂




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