Met a friend after a long time. A breath of fresh air. Much laughter, fun, silly stuff and feeling years younger!

Thatโ€™s what friends are like. Itโ€™s an instant reconnect. No matter when you met last! No matter when you would meet again! When you meet a pal, the thread is picked from the point where it was left. ย Absolutely, effortlessly!

Feel rejuvenated after this sudden meeting, lots of chatter and a fun outing sandwiched between arrival and departure, snatches of hurried conversations and catching up on what had happened in each onesโ€™ life; juicy, slurps of gossip and lots of mischievous prattle! The energy, the zest amazes. It regurgitates and resurfaces with a frenzy that defies the time elapsed.

Was fortunate to undergo all this and more when a bosom pal visited me in my distant, far flung cocoon. A rickshaw ride across the highway, swerving on the turns of the lush green hills and window shopping at a snazzy Mall shared space with the sober conversations in the few hours of meeting and outing! made my day! Completely!

Shaking off my mundane, humdrum existence I joined her in the riotous cacophonic call of my heart. Succumbing to it, was the best decision that I had made in a while! ย Ah the bliss of true friendship. Oh the blessing of pouring your heart to a friend!

Have begun to await the next meeting. Already!




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