Often we hear, “Oh it’s not my fault. It’s his.”  or “It is because my destiny meant it to happen” or  again “You are responsible for what has happened to me. I blame no one, but you.”

Or even when we hear,” You have not done anything for me, so I won’t do anything for you ‘coz you are the source of all my problems and woes!”, we readily believe that the speaker is the angel and the one being spoken to the villain of the piece.

Really? Is that true? Can it even be possible? Doesn’t it mean we have handed not only the reins but the entire carriage with ourselves seated within for those blamed to run it for us? And if so, doesn’t it speak of our ineptitude and effectiveness?

As far as the wise and learned see it, we alone are responsible for the plight we find ourselves in- NOT fate, NOT luck. NOT those who are present in our lives.


Can’t blame anything on anyone but ourselves! The decisions we make in life, the relationships we forge and choose to pursue and the actions done by us. Can anyone, anybody at all be blamed for these other than us? And in doing so we are being less humane, going against the principles of  being mature. Erasing the fresh perspective with which we celebrated Easter!

We, who blame, (the blamer) ought to realise we subject the receiver to emotional abuse, ensure we make her/him feel guilty and rip the bond made with her/him (the blamed).

Time we stopped dead in our tracks, took a deep breath, shouldered the responsibility of our current state and most important became absolutely honest with ourselves! Nothing can happen, if we don’t will it! Time we tackle our emotions and acknowledged that the weakness rests with us and us alone! Problems are best solved by looking them in the eye, by communicating with others and thinking together for solutions. 🙂 Be kind. Begin at home!

Blaming others? It ain’t the road to solutions or success!



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