Image Source: Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

Yep have specialised as well and have been categorised into a niche segment but dunno if I should feel great about it or segregated from the one’s who do just as great, without getting ‘cornered’.

This is what specialisation does to us. Makes us so special and segmented that the left is confused about the right And the right? It asks- is there something known as the left hand?

Where does this come from? A few experiences that I have personally had in different sectors. Shall cite two here:

Take hospitalisation for one.

Oh no. This isn’t a sob story about how they fleece in the name of specialisation and flee at the task of holistic curing. We have heard a lot about that one. Not going there!

This one’s different. So, here it goes! get admitted for something like a terrible UTI*

Well you do get treated for that and your RBC & WBC count that has spun out of control thrashed and brought to its normal sensible level, with tonnes of antibiotics which control the UTI and make it behave but lose control over its neighbour which unleashes its wrath! It’s angst? Neglect at the hands of the expert! I refer to the stomach which goes for a spin, seeking attention. Now that really isn’t the concern of the one who dealt with the UTI! So then? Solutions to every problem, another specialist. Walks in, to enlist a list of other undefinable and difficult to pronounce meds. Wonderful. Both things taken care of! And you are happy, you would be on your way back home.

Hey! You are moving too fast! Sorry pal. You are mistaken. You still have some time and more cash to dole out for you have broken into a rash! Oh goodness. Alarm bells ring! Panic sets in. But you are in good hands! And they are more than a pair. So even better! Not to worry. The ‘skinman’/lady will fix you. Sure will. All eruptions that remind you of the lava that flowed out of Pompeii, will settle, cool off and surrender meekly to the next line of meds.

But doesn’t have anything to do with your kidney, does he/she?

Stop being a pessimist. You are receiving thorough treatment-what if fractional! Should be happy each part is being tended to! Count yourself lucky you have so many specialists tending to your sprouting ailments, mushrooming during your stay. Bonus! You have forgotten the original ailment you got admitted for. Can’t blame anyone but you. You have a sensitive stomach and your skin it defies description of normal.

So that’s one segment of our modern living that offers specialisation that we have brought upon ourselves.

Now consider the next: Tomorrow, if you don’t mind!

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