Publication industry!

Ya you are right! This segment doesn’t have anything to do with the previous one! But it offers its own specialised, segmented service. Enjoy it for you have a dual advantage- specialised services and a good game of volley ball! Don’t believe me? Try it out!

Accuse me of banter if you don’t feel like that ball which is being volleyed from one court to the next with one exception- the players aren’t two or few but several, located in different courts! What fun! You play this one cross courts!

To help you choose a plan for your self-publishing, steps in a specialised consultant. Ask her/him a question that is pertinent to you and you have tread into the forbidden, a new court, all on your own! He doesn’t belong there and neither do you. Go slow and easy!  Wait a while till you are tossed to the next appropriate one who might answer your preliminary query!  Even as you were getting used to this kind, helpful individual who helps you make decisions, you are politely lobbed into the next court! No getting too friendly or used to a person. It might kill the creative intent. So? Nothing. Don’t do a thing for you find yourself lobbed by the publishing consultant into the court of the manager who then lobs you into that of the head of publishing and then you find yourself in the Editors court. While you try to get your breath back after so much movement, you end up wasting time! No time for such! You are in new terrain buddy! Another pair of hands, who hold you gingerly, and this time it is…..

Nope, don’t feel breathless, safe ones these pair of hands too, knows the job well. In fact, each one of them, everyone does, but for one thing.

Feelings! That one human should have for another. Are amiss! You are a product/client/customer and receive a service. No scope of mutual interest and concern. Just tacit understanding at a superficial level!

Both experiences lacked a sense of Proximity, the Human element, the Emotional aspect so greatly important to living a quality life. A living that rises above subsistence and survival of the fittest, that takes into consideration that quotient, an integral part which makes us different from other beings that have life: trees, animals, birds, insects and more.

True the world and its inhabitants need to improve, keep reinventing , change potential and skills, offer better than before, provide food in stomach and shelter above the head, jobs to ensure all this, make life and living easy, enriching; but fulfilling, what of that?

At the end of all this do we feel a sense of completeness? Do we feel we have made relationships that will last? Bonds that will help serve each other, in the true sense of the word? Most importantly do we feel good about what we have done for the one seeking our service?

If not, then shouldn’t specialisation begin with honing skills that help seal deals at a more humane level. Consider this. Might help slow our hurtling pace so we savour the beauty of humanity and the humane that goes unnoticed as we whiz into bagging more specialisations, meeting more specialists and taking more specialised services? What say? Shall we become Special Humane Beings?

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