Enjoy the starry glitz of touching the pinnacle of your world, your goal!

Is success about making it to the headlines or heading towards being the centre of every conversation? Maybe!In some ways!

But to me everyone who is able to attain what she/he looks out for is successful. Be it the salesman who knocked at my door to successfully sell wares that I had resolutely decided not to spend a penny on or the housewife who sets herself the target of finishing what’s to be done, to put up her feet and watch her favourite soap.

In both the examples, the individuals attain what they had set their mind on or envisioned. The teacher who runs a smooth, effective class, the engineer who lays the foundation stone of his pet project, the doctor who embeds the first peg on the road to recovery are each successful in their own rights!

What ensured their initial step and progress on the path of success? Step 1: Their Vision!

It’s important to envision a goal, but the path ahead does offer hurdles making it an adventurous, bumpy ride.  The best way to keep going is motivating oneself. So step 2: Motivate Yourself!

When several alternatives present themselves during this focussed journey, don’t lose heart! In fact set your heart on making a choice, a decision and sticking to it!  Step 3: Decision Making.

That is easier said than done. When multiple options pop up like multi choice questions, each option seems the best and most appropriate one! So what next? Brainstorm. Consider what each available option would lead to.  Not the now; but the later. Not ‘me’ alone but in a general, wider perspective. Step 4: The larger picture

Lunge forth on the chosen path, with confidence, to ensure you follow the initial plan. All steps converge into this one- Final Step: Stick to the Plan & Stay Confident!

Steps 1 to 4 place you on the path that helps attain what you wished to and the final one makes the journey a smooth sail. And success is yours for the taking! Up for Grabs!

PS: To return to the example of the housewife. Procrastination, delayed tactics and shifting work schedules can lead two possibilities: 1 Extended work time and tonnes of work to complete thereby missing the fav soap!

2.Accumulation of more work at a later time, increased frustration and inability to stay – focussed on either- Work or Soap!

Wouldn’t doing stuff all the way to reach the goal be easier? 🙂




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