Folks who love their own company vs folks who don’t.….

Love to be in your own company? Excellent! How wonderful! Need no one else to attain the elixir everyone seeks- the true happiness! What more could you ask for? You are super blessed.

But I sail with those who need folks to chit chat with, share joys and sorrows with, expend pent up energy and simmering emotions with. Not for me the lone room suspended punching bag. I emerge more vexed from the experience of using one! No, nothing wrong with me. Just that I began my life in times when having people for company was good and companionship not a bonus or a blessing but an obvious outcome of being in fruitful company. Hence, don’t blame me or folks like me who love to go out with individuals, socialise at a personal level, look into the eye, pat backs, hold hands, plant a peck on the cheek or look angrily in disagreement at……. We come from a different world and times.

We can’t for the lives of us imagine what to do with ourselves when thrown day after day in our own charming yet routine company. We miss the spice, which is the variety of life and we can’t taste it on our phones or computers!

And me? I have been a teacher, a yakking language teacher, a listening to teenager woes and laughter teacher, a creator of conversational ambience teacher, a…… teacher for over two decades!! Now thrown in my own company, like that individual who retired after serving for aeons, or the one who has opted for a VRS or even chosen to chuck it up, all, for her/his own company, I have explored tonnes of streets and by lanes therein. Reading, writing, listening to music, chatting up strangers while on my regular walks, and picking up my phone each time it pings and pops a WhatsApp disconnected connect! A lot of action, yet the thought of lacking good company gnaws at me. I missed mentioning the multiple walks my pet, Max needs. What makes me long for more? Come to that a little later!

To return to the ones who love their own company. Are they truly with that? Their individual company alone? Really? Right! Now take away the phones. And the comps and the tabs, the TV sets and iPod and the what have you devices and give them a room, a house to themselves. How would thy fare? Not for me to answer that one. You see I categorise differently!

In a nutshell, neither of us, the device user and non-users are truly in our own company unless we shed all this electronic, digital baggage and take to the climes that Himalayas or remote uninhabited places/ forests/rivers offer. All by ourselves, quite like the hermits in the ancient times! That would truly spell as being in own company. Not a soul to see or communicate with, not a device to slyly peek into; nothing but Nature it it’s raw form and that individual, giving each other quiet company. A la Robinson Crusoe!

Oh the banter in this post! What’s up? Being with yourself is not easy! Enjoying your sole company all the time, not that great! As social beings we flag human company, tag faces we relate to, we save memories and experiences made during these ‘human interactions’, cache them and archive them to use at a later date, when we would like to be with ourselves of our own volition! Despite all the gizmos for company one is still left with a lacuna, the feeling of missing something. In spite of being busily connected via chats, I feel haven’t communicated.

Why? A sense of fulfilment is attained when you share that joke with a friend across a coffee table rather than as a digital imprint. The laughter that ripples through the air lingers in your memory. The glow and warmth evident in the eyes opposite you is unsurpassable. And that li’l something, the human connect, stays unmatched. The presence of another soul, not right next to you, but somewhere close by even as you go click, ta ta tak on your computers is comforting Why? Coz another presence offers reassurance that when either needs the other, none has to wait or go on the PAUSE or Standby mode. It’s an instantaneous connect, and immediate redressal, you see.

So then, hiya there. Let’s meet sometime😊


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