Image Source: Shashank Hudkar, Unsplash

We looked at each other, the bushy tailed squirrel and me. Straight into each others eye, as if, each had caught the other red handed! She at her nut cracking; me at lifting the window blinds suddenly and unexpectedly catching her off-guard!

What a fabulous way to begin the day! The first morning at the small University town of Binghamton, New York! My first ever visit to the United States of America began with a flourish in Houston and continued in splendour! Nature had beckoned to its embracing arms. Too excited not to post.

Couldn’t help it! Just had to share this one and break the BREAK! Am sure you don’t mind, do you?

PS: Wish I was swifter than the squirrel and could catch her in my pixel before she could flee.

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