Believe it or not. Travel makes you true to yourself!

I remember the days when I travelled more frequently with my family without a care about the destination or how much time it would take to be there! Those were really fun times. No plans; just hop into the car and drive into the hills, true to your feelings at that time, true to your real self, without a rush of either arriving or returning.

Not that I was off work or something or that we had the back up of large financial resources-in fact quite the opposite. But, the worries were few or perhaps not conjured!

You know why? There wasn’t much to contemplate about, nothing to care, no pressing matters for I was being true to myself and in that being honest, truthful, loving and kind to the others in my life.

Time rolled on and these sudden trips became fewer and fewer till they almost ceased and with the end to travel began my travails. Change of jobs, shifting cities, hopping places, not really travelling but moving to destinations that we didn’t really relish but compelled ourselves to be in to earn what we called our bread and butter. Though the butter layer thickened, the happiness thinned out!

In the past, when we travelled into fresh, new unexplored territories, the thrill of newness, the fragrance of the unexpected that awaited at the turn, lent credence to life’s journey. I can only imagine what explorers of the past must have felt when they set off across lands or oceans, with only the stars as their guide and the sun telling the time of the day. Those were folks true to themselves and true to their spirit of life, which they lived on their own terms.

Travel  helps you remain true to yourself; true to that spirit in you that resurfaces occasionally only to be smothered by the weight responsibilities, which we love to bring upon ourselves, mindlessly in the pursuit of something which even we are unaware of, unsure of its very existence, uncertain of arriving at whatever it is we seek.

Travel far or travel close, travel we must for that’s what defines us, our nomadic nature, our very innate essence!

To say that I don’t travel at all, would be an untruth, but the truth about travel today is that it is purposeful, travel to meet friends and relatives, travel for work, travel to tick off places off your bucket list before that final journey and blah, blah….not really travel for travel itself!

But doesn’t that take away from the mystery of an unplanned adventure, something beautiful waiting for you at the bend its arms stretched out, so it can embrace you for you are not who you are trying to be?

The truth is travel, just travel, travel without an objective is the way to be true to yourself, to discover yourself, to understand yourself. ….

And that my dear friends, is the way to understand and appreciate those with or around you.

So travel we must to remain true to ourselves!

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