Did you notice the new and tender auburn leaves held together by a slender yet determined stalk?

Well, here I am back again with my random thoughts! This time it’s the fledgeling neem tree that caught my eye and drew my attention with its newness, freshness and originality. No not the entire plant, just those few delicate, new leaves.

Aren’t all babies like that? Exclusive! Every reader who is a parent will vouch for the fact that their baby is like no other. She/he is different and unique in his style, manner and more. That pretty smile, the loving look and the very first baby step- all so unique and individual. Unmatched!

And then? Well, over time, the reddish-brown leaves transform becoming exactly like the green ones that extend a protective arm and unwittingly make them don hues and colours identical to the parent, making the little babies lose their sense of uniqueness and originality! Whither the newness? Where the exclusivity? And what of the nascent originality?

TOO random, these thoughts, eh?


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