What splendid colours! What radiance! This tiny flower did teach me a lesson or two about coping with being yourself all day long! How so?

Having quit my job a year and a half ago there are times when I feel totally restless and anxious unable to cope with my own company at the same time understanding that venturing out daily with nowhere in particular to go is a greater challenge. Taking care of my health and that of my aging dog made me take this step. And I could well afford it for my better half pitched in volunteering to take care of the bills! Who wouldn’t have jumped at such generosity?

I did! So here I am during my lonely sojourn, staring at this pretty looking thing (flower), by itself in a sea of foliage, yet blossoming radiantly, resplendent in its own company! (lesson 1) It is enjoying itself thoroughly (lesson 2), nodding gaily in the breeze. And why not? It has forged a kinship too, (lesson 3) with the greens that overpower in their numbers and presence but can’t really match the solitary glory of the tiny being.


Only, needn’t spell L-O-N-E-L-Y! It could very well offer an opportunity to understand and love yourself a li’l bit more so you become more aware of the others who are a part of your life. Now I get it!

So methinks -If I don’t enjoy my own company, would anyone else? Would you?

Any thoughts?

 PS: To be continued…….




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