Only, so lonely? Nah (2)……. Teacher, no longer!

Read Part 1 here.

Almost two years into quitting my job to do different things, I couldn’t otherwise manage, when I look back I see mixed reactions – moments of regret and intense feelings of losing out on the financials, moments of joy and a sense of easy pace together with feelings of achievement and the disbelief that I could still take courses, write assignments and fare reasonably well!

Day-long solitude with the dog and walls as my constant companions gave me the opportunity to think of ways and means of utilising time productively without losing my sanity!

So I dusted the course books and returned to the creative writing course of The Writers Bureau to bag the diploma and bit by bit earn back the fee-money. Voila, the Certificate of Competence became mine. Catch anyone depriving an erstwhile teacher of the competence tag.

diploma, writers bureau-page-001

certificate of competence, writer bureau

My decade ole dream of writing a book on my God-guru, Shirdi Sai Baba was fulfilled. Published. So what if it’s short on sale numbers and struggling,

book cover

it’s out there waiting for more hands to pick it up. Am sure that will happen too! Folks will notice the offers and grab a copy! Ya, sure they will!

And then the online courses that were midway and forgotten saw the light of the otherwise turned off computer. Hey, my certificate thereof.

Udemy Certificate, February,2019

Am loving it! Reliving my school days but now in the guise of a student. Teacher, no longer! Writer on the lookout for more and more assignments.

Alone, so lonely? Nah! Have been there and done that, quite like the solitary flower whose radiance and assertiveness caught my eye one afternoon!

Am glad I opted out!


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