(Dedicated to my ageing Retriever, Max)

Stall it,…. if you can, Clutch it ….if you may

Restrain it….might be your fervent wish

Albeit without the remotest success

It rises…rises dizzyingly high

Towering threateningly above you

Stares down with piercing, killer eyes

Unmindful of your feverish pleas

Added horror and consternation

Its uppercut, buddy, lands square

Punches your vulnerable solar plexus

Leaving you wobbly; catching you unawares

Says who, ‘tis nothing but a mere number

Needs to learn a thing or maybe two

That it consistently sings your requiem

While you in vain screech- stop, FREEZE

Oh please!

Terrible, yes, yet mischievously tiny

I’d love to remain eternally TWO

Enjoy unceasingly, unmitigated fun

That I now sorely, certainly miss 

No school, no books, no home work

No odious comparisons to boot

In cheery abundance I’d dart up

The tree of life, harbouring no anxiety

No scares, no fears, no worry

Of crumbling or being at your mercy

Wrinkle-free, tremor-free, no rickety wobbly knees

No fear of tripping at every step

 my hands flailing helplessly

As for incontinence and wet beds, what’s that?

No sire, not a single angry stare

No re-runs of diapers, which in my babyhood I shed

All this and so much friskiness were possible if

O nimble-footed ageing you did stall

If only you

Stopped dead in your racing tracks

And shedding your athletic robes

Gave me a chance to live it up

With a dignified…..honourable existence

Not dependent on anyone at all

My backbone supporting my weight

So that I would stand proud and tall

But if I have to whither

(to reach thither)

And such is the rule of life

I may do so without ignominy

Without failing my pride

Save me the shame of undignified presence

O ageing! I entreat do take me in my PRIME!


  1. Our best wishes and prayers with Max who has been the reason for my falling in love with these beautiful babies. He also taught us the meaning of unconditional love. God bless him

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