Back after quite a while with a translation worth a read and significantly to set thoughts a rolling! Life’s a brilliant teach. Nothing teaches better than experiences! Brilliantly presented, find below a lovely poem that’s loaded with worldly wisdom. ( Author: Ms. Dimple from a WhatsApp  group) Here goes:

*जब तक चलेगी जिंदगी की सांसे, कहीं प्यार कहीं टकराव मिलेगा ।*

*कहीं बनेंगे संबंध  अंतर्मन से तो, कहीं आत्मीयता का अभाव मिलेगा*

*कहीं मिलेगी जिंदगी में प्रशंसा तो, कहीं नाराजगियों का बहाव मिलेगा*

*कहीं  मिलेगी सच्चे मन से दुआ तो, कहीं  भावनाओं में दुर्भाव मिलेगा ।*

*कहीं बनेंगे पराए रिश्तें भी अपने तो कहीं अपनों से ही खिंचाव मिलेगा ।*

*कहीं होगी खुशामदें चेहरे पर तो, कहीं पीठ पे बुराई का घाव मिलेगा।*

*तू चलाचल राही अपने कर्मपथ पे, जैसा तेरा भाव वैसा प्रभाव मिलेगा।*

*रख स्वभाव में शुद्धता का ‘स्पर्श’ तू, अवश्य  जिंदगी का पड़ाव मिलेगा ।*


All the way, right up till your last breath, you will receive love from some and dislike from the others

With some, you forge an eternal and everlasting bond, while with several others sense a complete disconnect

At times, in life, you will receive appreciation, while at others you earn the displeasure

At instances, you will receive heartfelt wishes, while at others you will sense the grudge one bears in the heart

Sometimes the unfamiliar will become close and ironically a close relationship might be strained

While in the eyes of some folks you might see an earnest plea still there are ones who might hurt you with their talk behind your back

Irrespective, soldier on, continue to walk the path of life; just as you feel/think so will be your experience

Keep your emotions pure, for it is then that you will certainly attain the goal of life.

True that? Sure!


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