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We sure are useful! So hold no grudges!

A million and one and counting is how i would like to look at it.

The number of times help has been sought and given. Willingly or with a tad bit of repentance. Human after all. When there are different folks or situations that reach out, it feels good, and may not matter. You might become hardpressed for time, but feel good after the task is accomplished. Yet if the call comes repeatedly from the same quarters, the same person or similar situations you wonder, Can she/he be that helpless? That inefficient or unproductive or incapable? Or am I being taken for a ride? Being used and re-re-used? Repeatedly! Not a good feeling, eh!

Chuck it! After all one has the liberty to say no! If you can’t say that means you have the time, inclination and will to help. So just go ahead and do it! Why, you ask? Scroll back to the top of the page.

The answer sits there in the lovely quote shared via WhatsApp by a friend. Just go out there and do what you have to.

And yes!  Feel happy! Stay  Cheerful!  🙂   🙂

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