“Can this be happening?”

Oh dear, dear me! Let the stirring and inspiring continue to rain… pour!

Who wouldn’t be humbled? Who wouldn’t fall in love if episodic occurrences such as the below keep taking place with regularity?

The loveable city of Ahmedabad gifted two more bouquets of red roses and won my heart with its dalliance! Ask me? I’m head over heels in love once again. With the city that Ahmedabad is!

Am sure you would too! Not assured? Read on then!

Experience 1: Search for a pet groomer led to my first bouquet! Needed one for both the pet owners and the pet himself are aging and the competition has become a bone to aching bones one. 😊 Found him! A rather helpful and considerate young chap who agreed to do home visits. And those weren’t the only qualities that left me impressed! He, having tended to Max’s requirements very adeptly, it was my turn, i.e. time to make the payments. But neither of us had the requisite amount in change. So he left with the extra amount. I assured him we would take care of it during his next visit which was slotted a week later.

But the week translated into weeks and then a few months and then I just about gave up that he would come to help me out when surprise! He called to apologise for his absence (over three months) and that he would visit the very next day. I waited albeit with little hope. But surprise again! He came as scheduled and job done, it was money time again. I paid him his due, but he handed me back some money. I looked at him wondering if he had lost his calculation skills, but his expression spoke otherwise. I owe you this amount from the last time! Really! Could this be happening? Three months and beyond and the fella still remembered the amount he owed me? And I had no memory of it till he refreshed his last visit! There he stood a lad of twenty-something, struggling to keep going in life, working full time someplace, doing dog grooming for some extra bucks, handing back a small yet tidy amount to me! Was it for real? When I tried convincing that it had happened way back in the past and we could regard it as some extra tip, he refused to accept it! Meekly I accepted what he was returning while pondering about the source of his contentment.  Truly where did it come from? While we chase the crispy green, perhaps clinging to it in the hope of having more, this laddie had taught me a lesson or two in principles and how they ought to be more important in life than anything else!

Wouldn’t such simplicity and honesty win your heart? No? Then check out this experience too!

Episode 2: This was a case of miscalculation of the amount due for services rendered at a salon. It was my first visit to the place. Work done, it was time to make the payments which I did and left. But then the one who had provided the service realised the error and sent me a message. Again a small yet significant amount had been overpaid. I reassured the concerned worker that we could adjust it in the next visit which kind of put her at ease but not entirely so which I was to realise in the next but rather delayed visit! The next visit didn’t happen for a while. February dissolved into March and March into April… June. That’s when I could visit the parlour the second time. You can imagine how deals change in life making you forget stuff only because you begin to play the cards dealt to you in the current moment. The surplus payment made in the past was both out of my mind and erased from my memory.  Work done, I needed to pay. The young lady walked me to the cash counter, reminding me of the extra sum she had erroneously charged all of four months earlier! Astonished, I looked at her. She smiled asking me to pay after the deduction. Stunned and numb I wondered where on earth I had arrived. Could this have happened a second time round?

Need to emphasise that in both cases it was the very first meeting during which extra money had gone. No earlier acquaintance, no earlier visits which would have made us familiar with each other!

So much honesty in a world where taking away what is not yours has become not only a hobby but also a way of earning your living? Phishing, ATM frauds, online frauds, and what not….Duping, cheating, conning and revelling in the prized loot.

And here were these youngsters who needed the money more than I did. Yet keeping in mind the amount they owed me and returning it despite the time that had elapsed!  Amidst the multitudinous high rises live values that kiss the very skies!

Kudos youngsters! Way to go! Hey Ahmedabad! You are a welcome change from our earlier station! Thanks for reviving the humane in me!


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