Climbing 1
1-The ascent


3-What a comeback!
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-29 at 11.05.58 AM
2-Struggle phase!

Does it seem to you that I am obsessing? Or stretching things too far? You may be right!

But what would you do if you were an observer like me? Watching this climber come out of the ashes (err remains) of the Kalanchoe plant, ascending rapidly to glory, wilting and almost succumbing to the vagaries of Nature and then fighting back all over again to revive its frail strength and green energy?

Soooo much to learn and understand from the life-journey of this awesome green plant! We ought to follow in its ‘trail-steps‘! Riding the roller-coaster called life, we encounter so many bumps that we wish to topple off the side rather than continue till the ride ends! Give up easily, that is!

And this frail fighter took birth and showed me through its onward and continuing journey that there’s nothing like success and to meet it one needs to simply fly over all obstacles yet enjoy the thrill that comes along the way. True that! Nothing succeeds like strong will-power!

Still think that I am obsessed with my dynamite green climber? Do ya? Nah! I think not! 🙂


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