Nothing specific, just this and that. My blog shares with you, and hears your thoughts!

Often I wonder if i had a purpose defined, would i have more followers, would there be more comments, would my blog go places, take me some too….

But then mine is just a wandering space that stops at nothing and pauses, takes a break at everything. Anything that catches my fancy, arrests my thought, finds a place in my blog, coz it comes straight from my heart! Reminds me of my fav poet Wordsworth who chanced upon the Daffodils and the Solitary highland lass, to write exquisite poems, that till day hold us in awe. His emotions recollected in tranquility, stir our quiet emotions awake. So I choose to be in this meandering space.

Which shares feelings, experiences, emotions and more,  for if my heart ceases to think, I might just begin to bore.

Happy to blog at creativbent. The ‘e’ is missing for a reason! Needn’t spell it, need i?