Did you notice the new and tender auburn coloured leaves on a very slender but determined stalk?

Well, here I am back again with my random thoughts! This time it’s these delicate neem leaves that caught my eye and drew attention to their uniqueness, originality and ability to stand out!

Aren’t all babies like that? Unique, beautiful, doing stuff exclusive to them. All readers who are parents will vouch for the fact that their baby did things so differently.  didn’t they? That smile, the look, the way she/he took the first step et all, exclusivity in style and mannerisms and more.

And then? Well, the tender leaves would slowly lose the reddish-brown colour and turn green quite like the other leaves that reach out protectively yet unwittingly leading them to become exactly like them.

Where the newness? Where the freshness? And what of the originality!

TOO random, these thoughts, eh?